About Us

Our Portraits

Our custom pet portraits are professionally hand painted using acrylic paints on Artist Quality Warp Resistant Gesso Board, Artist Panel or Clay Board. Great attention to every detail is painted to accurately capture your pets likeness and personality.

Your painting arrives ready for framing or you can let us do the framing for an additional fee.

Any Pet Type

We recognize that some of us may have a special bond and affinity with other animals that we call our pets. Whether it is a bunny rabbit, piglet, turtle or hamster, if they are beloved and special to you, we will create a masterpiece with much love and passion. Just contact us and let us know the details.

Taking the perfect photo of your pet.

  • Shoot from your pets eye level. Get on the floor with them. Having them look up at you tends to make for a disappointing picture.
  • Try to avoid a flash; instaed go outside or use as much natural light as possible.
  • Get up close. Focus on their eyes. Take an angle shot, be creative. Be prepared to take MANY photos.